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START DATE Saturday, July 12th, 2023, at 10 AM PST
DURATION Six weeks
SESSION DAYS Every Saturday  from  10 AM to 5 PM
CLINIC/HELP SESSION Every Thursday at 7 PM

Workshop Overview

The session starts Saturday, AUGUST 12th, 2023, at 10 am PST

NLP with Transformers (ML-500) Workshop is the second part of our Deep Learning curriculum. Each week you will work on a project related to one facet of NLP. There are in-depth lecture/theory sessions, guided labs for building AI models, quizzes, projects on real-world datasets, guided readings of influential research papers, and discussion groups.

The teaching faculty for this workshop comprises the instructor, a supportive staff of teaching assistants, and a coordinator. Together they facilitate learning through close guidance and 1-1 sessions when needed.

You can attend the workshop in person or remotely. State-of-the-art facilities and instructional equipment ensure that the learning experience is invariant of either choice. Of course, you can also mix the two modes: attend the workshop in person when you can, and attend it remotely when you cannot. All sessions are live-streamed, as well as recorded and available on the student portal.


  • The teaching staff will work closely to guide you throughout the workshop.
  • Our GitHub repository is provided so learners can load the datasets/homework notebooks for practice.
  • Through the dedicated student portal, the participants will find a wealth of educational resources associated with the subject and the course, including video recordings of all the sessions, the solutions to the labs and quizzes, etc.
  • A discussion forum is available to connect with other learners and faculty.


To earn the certificate of proficiency, you must complete

  • All homework assignments released during the course
  • A capstone project

Capstone Project

Each participant starts on a capstone project that spans the duration of the workshop. The teaching staff will work closely in providing you guidance in pursuing the milestones of this project.

A capstone project can be done in groups of no more than 4 participants. The capstone project must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Original Work: It must present either a machine learning modeling of a new dataset or present a new model or approach to an existing dataset. ​It may contain the group’s own code implementation of an algorithm or approach suggested in a recent research paper.
  • (Optional) Technical Paper: It must be described in a detailed technical paper. The teaching staff will provide you with guidance on writing the paper.
  • Blog: Optionally, a blog describing the work and the experience of the project.
  • Presentation: End of workshop technical presentation to the batch of participants.


12 lecture sessions covering the foundational concepts.


40 guided programming & AI modeling labs.


10 quizzes covering the theory and the lab material.


6 hands-on AI modeling data projects.


Weekly guided research paper readings.
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  1. Transformers in Depth
  2. AI-based search engine – Multimodal search
  3. Text Classification
  4. Spacy
  5. Text Generation
  6. Text Summarization
  7. Question Answers
  8. Multimodal Models – Text to image generation
  9. Creating Chat bots


  • Basic fluency in Python
  • An understanding of the basics of data science (basic statistics, regression, classification, and clustering).
  • Deep Learning Foundation (ML400), or equivalent introductory background in deep learning.

Teaching Faculty

Asif Qamar

[Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC)]



Over more than three decades, Asif’s career has spanned two parallel tracks, as a deeply technical architect, and as a passionate educator. While he primarily spends his time technically leading research and development efforts, he finds expression for his love of teaching in the courses he offers, over the weekends. Through this, he aims to mentor and cultivates the next generation of great technical craftsmen.


He has also been an educator, teaching various subjects in Programming, Machine-Learning, and Physics for the last 29 years. He has taught at the University of California, Berkeley extension, at the University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign (UIUC), and Syracuse University. Besides this, he has given a large number of courses, seminars, and talks at technical workplaces. He has been honored with various excellence in teaching awards, in the universities and technical workplaces.

Teaching assistants

Kate Amon
Univ. of California, Berkeley

Kunal Lall

Kunal Lall
Univ. of Illinois, Chicago

Harini Datla
Indian Statistical Institute

Kayalvizhi T
Indira Gandhi Nat… Univ.

Dennis Shen

Dennis Shen
Georgia Tech. University

In-Person vs Remote Participation

Participants local to Silicon Valley are encouraged to attend in person at SupportVectors so that they can form strong learning teams and participate in the dynamic learning community. However, it is equally possible to attend all the sessions remotely. The workshops are designed in such a manner as to ensure that remote participants are equally a part of the learning experience.
Each session is live over zoom, and very interactive. A group of teaching assistants will monitor the stream of questions from students, and moderate their participation in the live discussions with other students and the professor during the sessions. Each session is also live broadcast over a dedicated private YouTube link, so that participants may choose to participate live on their TV.
Through the dedicated course portal, the participants will find a wealth of educational resources associated with the subject and the workshop, including recordings of all the sessions, the solutions to the labs and quizzes, etc.
SupportVectors Big-Data AI Lab
46540 Fremont Blvd, Suite 506
Fremont, CA 94538

Financial Aid and Tuition Discounts

Financial aid is available to three students as a work-study program. Reach out to the teaching staff if you are interested, and to see if you qualify.

The tuition has been reduced for everyone from $1499 to $999

What workshop participants have to say…

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